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May 19, 2022

Stephanie James is a filmmaker, transformation coach, author, and international speaker. Stephanie’s passion through her films, books, radio show, podcast and events has been to infuse people's lives with love and healing and bring them the most influential thought leaders, change makers and wisdom keepers through her platforms.

Stephanie has events, books and films all lined up this year that you need to learn more about:

The Becoming Fierce Women's Empowerment Event is a transformative immersion into finding your voice, strength and purpose that will ignite your life in a powerful way!

When Sparks Ignite is a documentary film about how the challenges we face can actually become the match point for what ignites our inner sparks and then becomes the gift that we give to others and humanity that help illuminate the world.

Stephanie’s latest book Becoming Fierce - Creating a Bold and Beautiful Life comes out later in 2022.