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Aug 30, 2022

Jennifer Watson, MPT, I.M.T.,C., owner of Jennifer Watson Leadership, is a dynamic speaker and coach with a gift for intuitive and visionary coaching.

She is an expert in wellness + leadership development, identity & mental edge enhancement, high- performance, post-trauma growth, movement & change adaptation, and...

Aug 28, 2022

Co-founder of Bot Publishing Genady Knizhnik has helped to create a language learning platform called LillyPad, an innovative and unique take on the existing Digital Language learning industry combining the power of the most recommended path to achieve fluency with the most brilliant AI technologies.

Until now,...

Aug 25, 2022

Chris Westfall is one of the most sought-after business coaches and keynote speakers in the world. 

He’s helped dozens of businesses. He’s an extraordinary coach. He is even helping entrepreneurs and executives prep for Shark Tank.

Chris is also the author of Easier - 60 Ways to Make Your Work Life Work For You


Aug 23, 2022

Leslie Ehm is a former TV host and advertising Creative Director turned training guru, Swagger coach and speaker.

She has a reputation for transforming corporate culture, exploding employee engagement, and releasing exponential human potential.

Leslie is now the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon #1 bestselling...

Aug 21, 2022

A born entrepreneur and self-made man, Todd Ault wields his expertise in a massive range of financial markets, from real estate to private equity to commodities. His diverse and unique companies prove that there is no venture he has not conquered.

Todd is committed to sharing his experience, insights, and expansive...