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Oct 30, 2022

Mark Zides is the founder and CEO of CoreAxis Consulting, an award winning Learning and Development and Talent Management firm. He is also the founder of Katama, an agency specializing in sales strategy, marketing, and customer success for small-to-medium sized businesses, and Recipi, a digital marketing agency for...

Oct 27, 2022

Jay Baer is a customer experience and digital marketing pioneer, expert, advisor, researcher, and analyst.

He has spent nearly 30 years helping the world's most iconic brands gain and keep more customers.

A 7th-generation entrepreneur, Jay has written 6 best-selling books, and founded 5, multi-million dollar companies.

Oct 25, 2022

Rajeev Kapur is a seasoned high tech and media executive with broad global experience leading and driving innovation and strategy for start-ups, midsize companies and large, global fortune 500 companies 

He is the CEO of 1105 Media, Inc. a PE backed leading provider of B2B Marketing, Events and Media services where he...

Oct 23, 2022

Rich Goldstein works with entrepreneurs to help them protect their ideas, products, and brands with patents and trademarks.

Over the past 28 years he has obtained more than 2,000 patents for his clients.

Rich is host of the “Innovations and Breakthroughs” podcast and is the author of the Consumer Guide to Obtaining...

Oct 20, 2022

Rick Jordan is the CEO & Founder of ReachOut Technology, and has become a nationally recognized voice on Cybersecurity, Business, and Entrepreneurship.

Rick takes cybersecurity to a new level with his transformative approach Using a combination of CIA training, criminal psychology, and his technology and...