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Jul 29, 2021

With hundreds of episodes and thousands of listeners each week, it takes a whole team to get the Thrive LOUD podcast train rolling.

And onboard this super power engine are the wonderful Thrive LOUD interns that have helped produce this podcast over the years.

In previous semesters, Lou has interviewed the interns, engaged them in a fun conversation and, in some instances,  the interns have hijacked the podcast and created an episode of their own.

However, this past year was a bit different…to say the least.  In the spirit of this different year the Thrive LOUD interns decided to have a conversation about what it was like being in college this year amidst the pandemic.

From having to be on campus always wearing masks to learning virtually to having to socialize in a very unique environment.

Most recently, they have had to adapt to returning back to normal college life after living and studying through the pandemic.

Listen in as Cid Decatur, Seanie Clark, Soojin Kim, Fraya Salzman and Sophie Grippo have a conversation about being in college this year and what it was like for them and their peers.

Don't you worry, they do find the time to poke fun of Lou as well.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the Thrive LOUD interns — moving onward and upward on Thrive LOUD.