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Jan 21, 2021

As a young working mother, Teresa J. Tanner noticed something about the leaders in her company. They were all men, and they all had something she did not: someone at home taking care of the house and family.

She discussed this with her husband, and together, they decided to take a radical step. Instead of leaving the workforce as more than a third of working women do to focus on their home life, Teresa opted to stay on the job. Her husband, however, stepped back from his career. He supported his family by supporting his wife.
She has worked to deliver innovative benefits to help women succeed in the workplace and at home with what has emerged as the Reserve Squad

YET recognizing more needed to be done

She left the corporate world to focus on efforts to reinvent it as a more welcoming, more supportive and more equal environment; a place where women could thrive.

What emerged was the Reserve Squad.  Listen in as Teresa shares her journey, mission and passion with Lou Diamond on Thrive LOUD.