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Dec 18, 2019

Rob Actis discovered the formula to getting what you want on your terms by enduring a near-death experience of his 14-year-old daughter and shortly after facing near-death himself. Through a dynamic and engaging presentation, he motivates audiences to realize they can reach their potential faster and easier when their goals become larger than their fears.

With crystal clarity, fueled by creative thinking, he shares his roadmap to breaking inertia, setting a course of action and following through to smoothly implement. Regardless of your business model or industry, this simple yet powerful system can help you activate raw potential to create amazing results. Rob is the best selling author of The Law of Action, speaker, voice actor for many national TV commercials for top brands including Carmax, Black Box Wine, Bayer Aspirin and Walmart, the narrator for Hal Elrod's The Miracle Morning audiobook along with over 30 audiobooks on Audible with combined sales of over 300,000 copies. He lives by the Law of Action: Decide, Plan, Act!

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