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Jan 30, 2024

Sussi Mattsson is an acclaimed Executive Producer, International Success Coach, and Speaker. Known for her Emmy-nominated documentaries on luminaries like Jack Canfield and Jay Abraham, Sussi is now on a mission close to her heart – to guide one million individuals on a transformative path to becoming "Wisdom Writers."

At the helm of the "From Me To You Global Movement," Sussi is building bridges between past wounds, present realities, and our united future. Her upcoming book, "From Me To You," serves as a beacon, sharing her profound insights on healing emotional wounds and finding meaning in life. Sussi's key messages resonate deeply – the importance of turning personal pain into wisdom, raising one's voice, and sharing stories to empower others and leave a lasting legacy.

Sussi's impactful work extends to diverse projects, including a collaboration with South Carolina inmates on a forthcoming book, emphasizing forgiveness and gratitude. As her book "From Me to You" hits shelves in February 2024, Sussi invites readers to join her in this intimate exploration, providing not just a narrative but a vehicle for personal healing and collective empowerme

Join Sussi as she shares more of the power of ‘wisdom writing’ on Thrive LouD with Lou Diamond