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Sep 20, 2022

Melanie Deziel is a keynote speaker, best-selling author and award-winning branded content creator. Melanie is also the Co-Founder and VP of Marketing at The Convoy, a B2B marketplace that helps small and independent businesses save money on their everyday expenses so they can invest more in themselves and their communities.

Prior to co-founding The Convoy, Melanie was the founder of StoryFuel and spent her days giving keynotes and leading workshops that teach marketers, creators, and companies of all sizes how to create better content. Melanie was the first editor of branded content at The New York Times, a founding member of HuffPost’s brand storytelling team, and served as Director of Creative Strategy for Time Inc.

Melanie’s new book PROVE IT: Exactly How Modern Marketers Earn Trust is at the center of today’s Speak Easy Mashup (SEM) Episode, where she and Lou talk about earning trust in conversations.

Click this link to order a copy of SPEAK EASY