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Jun 30, 2022

Chris Ryan is an experienced entrepreneur, rainmaker, investor, turn-around specialist and philanthropist His career spans over 25 years dedicated to people and purpose; creating a culture of care in both individuals and organizations.

Chris is the CEO of GoBundance with a goal to realize and achieve the organization’s next level goals. Previously, he was a Chair at TIGER 21, the premiere peer-to-peer learning organization for ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

He instills a culture of self-reliance and perseverance. His ability to formulate a vision, create a strategy, and plan an execution, allows him to guide individuals and organizations to maximize their potential and exceed expectations!

As an “OG” New Yorker, Chris catches up with Lou Diamond and shares his passion and purpose on Thrive LouD.

And make sure to check out Chris’s musically gifted daughter Bishop Abagail’s recent hit Good For a Song.