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Mar 31, 2022

Candice Westphal and Jamie Crosbie are two extraordinary woman that started their careers together 25 years ago and served as executive leaders for many years. They have a shared passion to live life to the fullest with great intention and wellness. Through their personal wellness journeys, they recognized a need in the marketplace for a comprehensive wellness company that customizes programs to the needs of the individual. They came back together to make that a reality through re-trēt.

re-trēt is about transforming wellness from the inside out – being the best you can be and living fully on purpose with Purpose. Starting with a micronutrient evaluation to understand your body on a foundational level. Then, a program is customized for you based on your goals, commitment, and lifestyle.

Learn from Candice and Jamie all about this amazing program, their retreats and more in this fun conversation on Thrive LouD with Lou Diamond.