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Feb 20, 2022

Patrick Samy has always had a passion for pursuing knowledge. So when his passions led him from engineering to the intersection of healthcare and technology with Span, Patrick dove in headfirst. Patrick was building Skype consumer products for his job with Microsoft when he noticed that his 10-hours-a-day desk job was taking a toll on his physical activity and long-term health markers. Concerned for his health, Patrick began monitoring his health metrics with various wearable technology. But though Patrick could track the data, it didn’t help him discover what his metrics meant—or how to fix them.

It was longevity MD Adam Bataineh who helped Patrick make sense of the data and change his lifestyle effectively. Patrick delved into the world of health and technology and realized he wasn’t the only one struggling to leverage his health metrics. So he and Adam created Span, a company that analyzes data from wearables to help people maximize their health potential. Patrick’s goal isn’t just to help people improve their health metrics. He wants to help them live their best lives for as long as possible.

Patrick shares his story and Span's on Thrive LOUD with Lou Diamond.


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