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Jan 9, 2022

Pamela (Pam) McCord got a late start in writing, but has made up for it with several published novels and at least one more on the way.

A serendipitous conversation with a writer friend launched her literary career, and the fact that she might never have had that particular conversation is enough to make her believe that fate played a hand in sending her down her best path.

She’s lived in Southern California most of her life and is thankful to have a loving family and supportive friends.

Spending time at home during the COVID pandemic has advanced both Pam's writing and her relationship with her My Cat From Hell TV star, Allie, who manages to exude just enough affection to make her scary feral ways tolerable.

Pulled from the Bedside Reading's Authors That Thrive Podcast - and from the Pai Gow tables of Las Vegas - Pam shares her passion for writing, her cat and some other-worldly spirits with Lou Diamond on Thrive LOUD.