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Oct 28, 2021

Lindsay Tjepkema is the CEO and co-founder of Casted, the first Amplified Marketing Platform and the only audio and video podcast solution designed for enterprise marketers. With more than 15 years of experience in B2B marketing, including agency roles, leading brand marketing teams, and even running her own consulting agency, she’s a dynamic leader who’s had tremendous success building and growing marketing teams on a local and global level.

After launching a branded podcast for a global marketing tech company, Lindsay realized her passion for growing brands through authentic conversations.

This led her to founding Casted to help marketers unlock the full potential of their content by harnessing the power of rich audio and video content. Casted’s customers include Salesforce, PayPal, HubSpot, Drift, and ZoomInfo. 

Mirroring her passion for authentic conversations, listen to Lindsay and Lou engage in one in this episode.