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Apr 29, 2021

Claudia Sasse is a heart-centered visionary intuitive and catalyst for light-filled transformation. One of her greatest joys is supporting her multi-talented clients to channel the wholeness of who they are into meaningful, joy-filled work that not only changes the world but also nourishes their soul.

She uses her multiple claire-sensory gifts and her down-to-earth practicality to help them build the energetic foundation, create the framework, and discover the golden thread that allow them to move forward with their life/soul mission with clarity, ease, and confidence — often thriving outside of the confinement of any previous “boxes.”

She is not only hopeful but actually excited about the new world she sees emerging. More recently she became the channel and author of the upcoming book LoveBytes -- a transformational journey home to yourself. She has been guided to live on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii and invites you to join her on these powerful lands of raw creative power and sweet mamma love for your own personal life-changing retreat.

Part of the continuing series "Elevating the Brilliant Minds of Women" - enjoy this conversation between Claudia and Lou on Thrive LOUD.