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Mar 24, 2020

Mike Volkin is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, Army veteran, and author of 5 books (one bestseller). He has built and sold 4 companies. As a marketing leader, he specializes in building company value through great branding.  


Throughout his career, Mike has worked with over 400 small and mid-sized businesses and has a tremendous track record of driving company growth and brand awareness through the development and implementation of a variety of marketing programs.


What sets Mike apart is his energy. Seeing Mike yawn is equivalent to seeing the birth of a rainbow, it just doesn’t happen that often. Mike LOVES what he does and it shows. His scientific background combined with his vast marketing skills create an intense curiosity to both explore and execute new and timeless marketing tactics for both his own business ventures and for his clients.


The "Volkinator" and Lou Diamond talk branding in depth on this educational podcast.