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Jan 30, 2020

A story-teller by profession, an animal lover to the core and a conservationist/activist in the making - Shannon Elizabeth is the founder of Animal Avengers (now called The Shannon Elizabeth Foundation) --  which is focused on helping combat the poaching crisis and save our wildlife and wild places. 

Based both in South Africa and the United States, the Foundation uses a collaborative approach. They believe that to protect animals and their environment you must uplift and include the local communities surrounding them. The hope and goal is that no animal must go through life as an orphan ever again.

You know her from her movies and possibly her poker playing - but in this episode you’ll get a chance to learn how she’s Thriving LOUD every day to help make our world a more amazing place.

Enjoy this truly engaging episode between Shannon and Lou Diamond.


To learn more about or to make a contribution to Shannon's amazing organization - head on over to OR click on her foundations logo below.  AND CHECK OUT HER FOUNDATIONS NEW INSTAGRAM PAGE BY CLICKING HERE or going to @shannonelizabethfdn

Also check out RHINO REVIEW - the world’s most accessible, comprehensive resource to empower and inspire you to help protect these magnificent creatures.