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Jan 28, 2020

Lisa Collum is the CEO, author, and founder of Top Score Writing. She is an educator with over 13 years of professional experience in teaching and specializes in writing. Lisa has worked as a classroom teacher, reading coach and a writing specialist for various institutions.

During her time working in a Title I school with students who struggled with basic writing skills, she felt the need to create a structured writing curriculum that had daily lessons that are built in such a way that each day has its own progressive sections. Knowing the common trials and errors by students, she developed lessons that were easy to follow and understandable to students.

Each school year in Florida, and other states with a focus on writing, students who use Top Score Writing’s curriculum show a significant improvement in their writing skills. Lisa has also trained thousands of teachers on the curriculum and consulted with schools nationwide to improve students’ writing. As she knows writing is a lifelong skill, Lisa takes pride in building their foundation early on in their educational career and continues to challenge them as their writing improves.

When not working on Top Score Writing this mother of 4 can be found at various youth sporting events and supporting her surrounding community in need.  Enjoy this educational episode of Thrive LOUD.