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Jul 30, 2019

At eighteen years old, Stanley Padgett married his seventeen-year-old high school sweetheart.   In what easily could have been another divorce statistic.  Another couple who naively wed too young and couldn't make it work. But that's not who Stanley is. And that's not how he works. 


Today we have a man that has found himself with a burning desire to share the secrets to his thriving marriage to protect families and help them find the love, joy, passion and connection he and his wife Linda have enjoyed for more than forty-two years.

His book, “UnVeiled: Secrets of a Marriage that Lasts Forever” and his course “The Diamond Relationship Formula” are the result of that lifetime of work.

Stanley is  on a mission to save 1 million marriages over the next 5 years!

Enjoy this episode with Stanley Padgett on Thrive LOUD with Lou Diamond.


Stanley Padgett has two upcoming events called "Relationship Sherapy" with Dr. Sherrie Campbell.

The next dates are October 4 & 5 (2019) in Tampa, FL; February 1 & 2 (2020) in Newport Beach, CA.

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