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May 30, 2019

In a special podcasting panel episode of Thrive LOUD, Lou Diamond brings forth amazing women in podcasting.

Listen in to a fun panel discussion as Lou is joined by:

Heather Hansen - host of the Elegant Warrior Podcast

Karen Briscoe - host of the 5 Minute Success Podcast

JJ Flizanes - host of a network of podcast programs

Nancy Giere - co-host of the Laugh at First Swipe Podcast

Anjuli Fink and Cristina Brown from the team at Thrive LOUD

Where they discuss the state of podcasting today; what their show has meant to their lives and their businesses; what they'd like to see/hear more of in podcasting in the future; and what's next for their programs.


Unable to attend the panel yet mentioned within this episode are Christina Martini (host of the Paradigm Shift Podcast) and Emerald Greenforest (host of the Men on Purpose Podcast)



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