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Sep 23, 2018

Laurie Palau, is the founder of simply B organized. She started SBO out of a passion for organization and simplicity. As a busy mom of 2, she realized that not everyone wants to be a minimalist, and although having “stuff” is a part of life, that doesn’t mean that you need to live in chaos.

Her goal is to help you identify your clutter pain points, whether it’s manifests as PHYSICAL CLUTTER, EMOTIONAL CLUTTER, or CALENDAR CLUTTER.

Her book HOT MESS: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO GETTING ORGANIZED, is a survival guide for anyone who has felt overwhelmed and needs some simple strategies to get on track.  She hosts a weekly podcast program called This ORGANIZED Life is glimpse into her not-so-perfect life as a wife, mom and professional organizer.

She shares her HOT MESS with Lou on this get your sh*t together episode of Thrive LOUD.


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