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Apr 25, 2018

Derreck Stratton wants to educate the entrepreneurs of the world.

He created the idea of Startup Syndicate, to enable entrepreneurs to break through the complexity, confusion, and the cost of turning great ideas into thriving companies.  Because in this world, it's execution...action...that counts.

Paired with the "Kickass Sales Guy" Christopher Cumby,  Startup Syndicate is a platform loaded with the tools  designed to give you everything you need to start and grow a company from the ground up.

They have created the Business Classroom, Founders Lounge, an Investors Corner, RWI (Real World Issues) Pitch Competitions and our flagship technology, AiMIE - Startup Syndicate's Artificial Intelligence Mentor and Instructor for Entrepreneurs, here’s their magic:

AiMIE uses deep learning and a proprietary technology engine to provide guidance, troubleshooting and problem solving, accountability, encouragement, motivation…and she’s also a pretty great virtual assistant.

Hear their journey, game plan and passion for this powerful new platform.