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Jan 24, 2019

Sarah Vaynerman is an amazing leader with extensive experience in marketing and brand communication within both the tech space and on Wall Street.  She shifted her focus to the philosophies of yoga, mindful movement and meditation.

She launched her company Work From Om® with a mission to deliver the benefits of presence, contentment and freedom to busy professionals one company at a time.

Her philosophies of connecting the Yoga mat to the corporate workplace empower leaders everywhere to grow, be more focused and truly thrive!

Special offer to the Thrive LOUD listeners.  Sarah and the amazing team at Work From Om® have put together two free meditations.   One is focused on "thriving" that focuses on the highest self and the other is for 'deep relaxation'.  You can access these BY CLICKING THIS LINK.

In addition, if you're interested in downloading the PHISH jam session mentioned and played in this episode - head to the link:




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