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Thrive LOUD with Lou Diamond

Oct 22, 2018

Stephanie Hayes is a business transformation consultant, focused on helping organizations build and improve business processes, manage change, align service areas, build capabilities and improve operations. She has worked across many sectors, including mining, international shipping, manufacturing, heavy equipment, retail, education and public sector.

Stephanie is the owner of multiple startups, all of which are still growing. Using her experience building and operating small businesses, she has developed insight and clarity on business model development, customer segmentation and value proposition design. She has adapted widely-used frameworks to make the startup validation processes easy, accessible and relevant to founders and small business owners.

As a business and technology consultant, Stephanie has worked for years as a program lead, business analyst, and change manager, helping organizations design and implement pragmatic, effective business solutions, largely focused on the Microsoft application platform, including collaboration, integration and communications technology.

Stephanie connects with Lou on Thrive LOUD in this focused and informative episode.

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