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Thrive LOUD with Lou Diamond

Oct 18, 2018

Dr. Richard Nongard is a keynote speaker, leadership coach, author and psychotherapist.  He is a man who believes you need to Seize the power of now, to create lasting transformation and apply Practical strategies for activating leadership & intention.

Richard is the author of numerous books, publications, and training videos. He has written two books on leadership: Transformational Leadership: How to Lead from Your Strengths and Maximize Your Impact (2013)
Viral Leadership: Seize the power of now, to create lasting transformation in business (2018)

He has written many other books as well, including psychology textbooks that have been adapted as textbooks at the university level and His 5-star reviews are a testament to the value Richard provides in both written and spoken media.

Enjoy this fun conversation as Richard connects with Lou Diamond and they cover everything about VIRAL Leadership and even speak Chinese to Richard's dog...!


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