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Thrive LOUD with Lou Diamond

Oct 15, 2018

Financial advisors have a huge responsibility to take care of their investors, but does your advisor take your money seriously? When selecting a financial advisor you need someone who can advise with the highest ethical standards, provide personal service, develop a master investment plan, identify individual goals and objectives, coordinate an effective tax and estate plan and provide solutions for multiple dynamic investment needs.

Counter Investing is a unique revolutionary system designed to help investors be effective and grow your money. In the best-selling book, Counter Investing a Winning Approach to Life and Finance, author Richard Brooks outlines three supporting pillars of great investing: performance, productivity and personalization. Brooks’ unparalleled approach is the result of years of innovative investment planning, but also from the perspective he gained from catastrophic experiences that left him fighting for his life.

He was 22 years old when he was in an automobile accident and suffered a neck injury, endured two strokes at 47, and had a third stroke when he was 52 years old. Brooks’ investing success and survival against most odds interweave to reveal an inspiring new path to becoming the investor you ought to be. This is a book on how he and his business survived.


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