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Aug 9, 2018

John Petrocelli is CEO and founder of Bulldog DM, a live streaming agency specializing in best practices for live streaming of premium content events and experiences. Bulldog DM helps brands, agencies, content owners and platforms deliver impactful live streamed engagements. Bulldog DM connects today’s digitally engaged consumer and millennial to the world’s best live content and represents the world’s top live streaming content portfolio including over 40 music festivals.

John has been involved in the streaming of live events since the very beginning.  He has helped connect the world to some of the most incredible events and experiences.

He is a life-long Boston Red Sox fan and is STILL playing baseball today.  John Petrocelli is also living proof that Fantasy Sports is not just a whacky obsession but an amazing way to establish life-long personal and business relationships.

Get ready to Thrive LOUD with the BullDog....



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