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Jun 5, 2018

Jacklyn Dallas is  a technology journalist and filmmaker, who brings a fresh and unique understanding of the youth, female, and professional market to all of her videos. She specializes in consumer electronics and high quality tech products from lesser known brands.

On her YouTube channel she aims to bring technical technological concepts to a level that bridges the gap between the general consumer, and the techie. Her channel "NothingButTech88" is currently closing in on 50,000 subscribers, and 2,000,000 views!  She also runs a clothing company called "NBTeez" where she sells minimalist technology based designs, that are made in collaboration with Liquid Designs.

She's also only 15 years old!  Thrive LOUD Listeners you're in for an amazing treat as Lou connect with Jacklyn on an episode that is also simulcast on the NothingButTech88 channel.



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