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Thrive LOUD with Lou Diamond

Mar 15, 2018

Donna Valente is a sales strategist and fearless certified Co-Active coach.  She has a focus on enterprise sales, leadership and management communication, mindset and motivation, managing deal cycles, negotiation, lead sales teams, dealing with conflict, to name a few.

Donna is the co-founder of The Enterprise Sales Institute, a uniquely different sales academy because it focuses on the mindset for sales success, in addition to practical skills and tools. Donna brings decades of sales, management and recruiting experience working for start- ups and high growth organizations, especially in the educational technology and e-learning markets. She has a reputation for being sales professional who has generated substantial revenue growth for start-up companies.

As a leader, Wharton grad, sales pro, strategist, and fearless coach, Donna brings her experience, energy and passion as a “Player Coach” to all her clients. And she brings her 'A-GAME' and her Philadelphia pride to Thrive LOUD.