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Sep 9, 2017

How to Connect to Bernie & Lou:

Bernie:  Twitter: @Swain_Bernie  // Site:

Lou:      Twitter: @ThriveLouD     //  Site:

More on Bernie:

Bernie Swain is the founder & chairman of the Washington Speakers Bureau – one of the pre-eminent lecture agencies in the world – and author of  “What Made Me Who I Am“.

Bernie is a humble man that embodies much of what the American dream is all about.  From starting his Agency out of a closet, making every deal with just a hand shake he turned his business into one of the more respected global companies.

Hear his story.  Learn about the mentors that have helped him along the way.  And learn about some of the incredible ‘clients’ he’s represented throughout his career.

This episode is a special treat — enjoy the authentic Bernie Swain.

**Quotes from this episode**

“Passion is a lot more important than talent”

“There are no short cuts to long term success”

“When an old person dies it’s like a library burning” – Alex Haley

“Pay attention to the people you represent, as each one of them is a learning opportunity”