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Thrive LOUD with Lou Diamond

Sep 1, 2017

How to Connect to Anna & Lou:

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More about Anna

Anna Minnes interned this summer at Thrive LOUD and has been integral in helping the show grow so quickly.

Anna is currently a communication major at Cornell University with a film minor. When not in class or in the library, she can be found rehearsing with the famous improv group on campus called The Whistling Shrimp, for which she is the general manager.

Anna believes there are two fundamental truths to life: 1) laughter can cure almost anything, and 2) you can never truly fail so long as you treat others with kindness.

She is a passionate, driven individual with a hunger for challenge and a thirst for adventure. Which is why she's had such a great time as an intern at Thrive LOUD.

The Whistling Shrimp Info: